Biotechnological Journal of Environmental Microorganisms (BJEM) is a peer-review journal, publishing high-quality original research, reviews, mini-reviews, and short communications articles covering all aspects regarding biotechnological applications of microorganisms in different environments such as air, soil, and water. Topics that are considered include important environmental microorganisms in green, white, and blue biotechnology disciplines. Studies on isolation and characterization of any novel microbial strains from various local geographical areas with potential biotechnological application in bioremediation or biodegradation of pollutants in different environments are welcome. The structure and function of enzymes and proteins or biosynthesis of fungal, algal, and bacterial metabolites and toxins of importance to the environment are considered. In addition, topics related to microbial weathering, mineralization of organic matter, petroleum microbiology, subsurface microbiology, biofilm form and function, and other interfacial phenomena, biogeochemical cycling of elements, and paleomicrobiology can be considered. Metagenomics studies and any bioinformatics progress related to microbial communities in different environments are covered.  

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