About Journal

Based on the decision of the Commission for Reviewing and Approving the Scientific Journals of the Islamic Azad University, according to No. 91998/87 on 12 July 2006, the “Life Sciences Journal” was confirmed for publication by Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran. Topics in Fisheries and Microbiological Sciences were considered in the journal. The scientific research degree of this journal was approved in the fifty-seventh session of the commission on 27 July 2009 and has been indexed in the Islamic World Citation Database (ISC) and the Scientific Information Database (SID). The decision in Director General of the Research Planning and Policy Office regarding the specialization of all published journals according to the letter No. 95796/3 on 22 July 2012, forwarded the journal divided into two subjects "Aquaculture Development” and “Biotechnological Journal of Environmental Microorganisms” were placed in the third layer. Biotechnological Journal of Environmental Microbiology (BJEM) continued to publish in Persian for more two years. Then, to develop the audience, the language and the new Editorial Board of the Biotechnological Journal of Environmental Microbiology (BJEM) journal with specialties in the field of Biotechnology were introduced, and approved in the seventeenth session of the specialized Commission of Scientific Journals of the Deputy of Science, Engineering, and Agriculture, according to the letter No.73/64652 on 25 December 2021.